Stina Inc.helps facilitate optimized waste recovery ecosystems for plastics

Stina Inc. | Illuminating the Path toward Circularity

Stina Inc. helps navigate the role plastics play in the movement toward circular supply chains, valuing carbon, and reducing GHG emissions. Stina Inc. is a mission-based company striving to harmonize human behavior with the natural world.
Stina Inc. | Illuminating the Path toward Circularity
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From More Recycling to Stina Inc., learn how our history and vision for the future shaped our brand.
Our North Star

Harmonizing Human Behavior with the Natural World

As more waste enters oceans and landfills, harmony with nature tips further out of balance. Seeking this balance is our North Star.
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Our Sustainable Planet

Organizations that align their value and supply chain to source and sell recycled material reduce GHG emissions and waste. Whether you're a business or individual, our bold action impacts the shift to circularity.
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Explore the Annual Plastics Recycling Study

We track tons of plastic collected for recycling and sold to domestic vs export markets by commodity type.
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We illuminate the path towards a circular economy.

From plastic recycling data and bringing tools for circularity forward to influencing change in policy and throughout the entire recycling ecosystem, see how we use data, technology and collaboration to help reimagine our Planet's future.
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Journey to Recyclability for Plastic Squeeze Tubes
What does it take to make a package recyclable? See how CORE work facilitates collaborative stakeholder groups to answer this critical question to arrive at recyclability and program acceptance.
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We track critical data and then tell its story.
Explore our take on the topics and trends engaging today's environmental, energy and manufacturing thought leaders.

2018 National Post-Consumer Plastic Bottle Recycling Report
2018 National Post-Consumer Non-Bottle Rigid Plastic Recycling Report
2018 National Post-Consumer Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Report
2018 Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling in Canada Report
Nina Butler participating on the Circular Economy Panel at the National Geographic Forum Nina Butler participating on the Circular Economy Panel at the National Geographic Forum National Geographic Forum: Circular Economy
Unilever interviews Nina Butler for their series on people changing how the world does business INTERVIEW WITH FUTUREMAKERS
Plastic Recycling Update, Fall 2020 Data Sort:Tracking the growing variety of products made with PCR
Resource Recycling, February 2019 - call to put value on carbon emissions. Unlocking the Plastic Paradox
Futuremakers Series Collaborating & Innovating for Change, 2018 Nature is waste-free: it is time we were too
A Fresh Film Philosophy A Fresh Film Philosophy
More Recycling presents on CORE(Creating Optimized Recovery Ecosystem) at the WPC 2020 More Recycling presents on CORE (Creating Optimized Recovery Ecosystem) at the virtual World Petrochemical Conference (WPC) 2020 Navigating the Roadmap to Recyclability through Uncharted Waters
Plastic Recycling Update, Summer 2020 Data Sort: A growing preference for segregated material among buyers
Plastic Recycling Update, Winter 2020 Data Sort: Squeeze tubes: A case study in adding a packaging type to recycling


Dave Ford
Founder, Ocean Plastics Leadership Network
"When we have a vexing problem or challenging issue about the plastic crisis that we don't know the answer to, we call Stina. The team's experience is unparalleled, and most importantly, they can relate and advise on positions across the full stakeholder spectrum, from activist to industry, dedicated to solving the Ocean Plastics crisis."

"Seeking to work with leaders whose strategies are at the scale of the dueling challenges of climate change and plastic waste."
Nina Butler, Principal & CEO
Meet the Team

Transitioning from a Linear to a Circular Economy
Technological innovation and transparent information coupled with taking actions based on where you are in the value chain of recycling helps stimulate the recycling economy toward circularity. Explore more!

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Nina Butler presenting at the ISRI 2021 Convention & Exposition Virtual Event: Plastics Spotlight
Tonya Randell moderating the Carolina Recycling Association's 31st Annual Conference & Trade Show
Nina Butler speaking at the Michigan Recycling Coalition 2021 Annual Conference The Paradox of Plastic
Nina Butler speaking at the OPEC Secretariat 3rd Workshop on Energy and Information Technology Plastics Recycling: Current and future technological developments


Every year Stina donates to offset carbon footprint due to travel.

In 2020, Stina donated to Go Conscious Earth, a global nonprofit focused on conserving Congo Basin Rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They protect endangered wildlife and support global climate stability by empowering communities around Lake Tumba toward development of forest-friendly, income-generating, sustainable livelihoods.
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