Recyclability decision tree and roadmap to program acceptance for plastic squeeze tubes

Journey to Recyclability for Plastic Squeeze Tubes

For plastic packaging, Stina's CORE work facilitates collaborative stakeholder groups to arrive at recyclability and program acceptance.
Journey to Recyclability for Plastic Squeeze Tubes
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Webinars Journey to Recyclability for Plastic Squeeze Tubes With partners across the plastics recycling value chain, our multi-stakeholder work leverages our access to information and tools to address the barriers and develop solutions to recycle plastic squeeze tube packaging. This work seeks to answer questions about compatibility, market acceptance, sorting and collection so that consumers can ultimately recycle this typical household item.
Why Tubes? Personal care products like creams, toothpastes, shampoos, and food products packaged in plastic squeeze tubes are found in households around the world and most are made using polyethylene plastic. However, according to industry data, most programs omit tubes from their list of acceptable or unacceptable items. Anchored in the importance of avoiding contamination and improving the quality of recycled feedstock, we are working through the critical elements needed for this package to be included in the lists of acceptable items in the recycling stream.
Why CORE? Our CORE (Creating an Optimized Recovery Ecosystem) approach allows us to engage key stakeholders seeking to solve a specific problem or answer a specific question and then dissolve the group when the work is done. As a mission-based company, we help companies on their path to circularity with a focus on how the CORE work will benefit the broader community. Through our extensive network and ongoing engagement with industry and non-industry groups, we strive to navigate key trade-offs through efficient research and analysis. We also bring technical and creative talent to deliver data visualization and tool development that makes the information accessible to the growing collective of people interested in shifting from a linear to circular system.

CORE (Creating an Optimized Recovery Ecosystem) Projects •Facilitates engagement and collaboration across stakeholders • Gathers and assesses critical data and insight •Raises awareness to support movement of stakeholder toward a common goal There are common challenges for recycling in North America, Europe and elsewhere but there are some key differences to navigate by country. Collaboration is essential in the transition to circularity and in our vision to harmonize human behavior with the natural world. We are excited by the opportunity to illustrate the roadmap to recyclability for tubes so that it may have value beyond this one packaging format.
Tool Development Example: Plastic Recycling Decision Tree

Testimonial Steve Alexander President & CEO, Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) "The leadership that Stina provides as seen in the Tubes Projects exemplifies collaboration at its best. Their team pulls together stakeholders and synthesizes viewpoints from across the value chain to address critical issues on the path to recyclability. Tools like the Decision Tree for Recyclability illuminate essential technical considerations that the Association of Plastic Recyclers define as well as what the industry at large must address to get more products to true recyclability."

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